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    Given the proper setting, we all get our share of bites from mosquetos, flies, fleas, gnats, “no-see-ums”, etc.  But some adults and children appear particularly attractive to these pests (and worse).  They are bitten repeatedly when others around them seem spared.  Why this occurs, I don’t know.  However, there is a treatment which I and my patients believe works:
    Thiamine chloride:
            100 mg., three times daily for adults, or
            50 mg. twice daily for children over the age of 5,
            taken before and during exposure.

    It substantially reduces the incidence of bites  in these overly susceptible individuals.  This is Vitamine B 1, and it appears to do something to one’s personal “scent” that biting insects don’t like.  It is a prescription item at this dosage; so ask your doctor about it.  He or she probably will not have heard of it.  But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work.


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